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Operation Christmas Child 2020

Oct 28, 2020

Every year during our Week of Spiritual Emphasis here at Hurstville Adventist School, we venture out to find ways that we can serve our community by participating in a service project. This year we have had the opportunity to partner with Samaritan’s Purse and contribute to the amazing mission that is Operation Christmas Child.

All students and teachers filled shoe boxes from Samaritan’s Purse with 6 different items – Something WOW, Something for hygiene, Something to wear, Something to play with, Something for arts and crafts and a personal letter written from each student. All of these items were brought in over a 2-week period and packed in their shoebox ready to be shipped off at the end of Term 3.

Our students were incredibly generous, and we are so proud of their willingness to be involved in this project of giving to children that are less fortunate than they are. It was a very eye-opening experience for many of our students to realise how the simple things that we take for granted in day to day life could potentially be life changing for someone else.
Overall, we managed to complete 214 shoe boxes, which we think is a great achievement as one of the smallest schools in the Greater Sydney Conference.

Globally, Operation Christmas Child has packed over 10.5 million shoe boxes that are shipped to over 100 receiving countries worldwide. Their sole mission is to provide God’s love in a tangible way to children in need and through these shoeboxes spread the great joy of Jesus Christ. We encourage you, if you are looking for a different way to spread the Christmas cheer this festive season, Operation Christmas Child is a fantastic project for you and your whole family to get involved in and to REALLY be the hands and feet of Jesus.


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