Our Values

Foundations for Life

We believe the early years are the most important developmental time in a child’s life. As experts, shown in the primary school ranking NSW, we prepare students to thrive in a multicultural education, developing the following skills and attitudes:

  • Reverence for the things of God
  • Value for one’s self
  • Industry and the desire to learn
  • Cooperation with others
  • Willingness to meet new challenges
  • Desire to help those in need 
  • Respect and acceptance of others 
  • Wise decision making.

Values Statement

From a Christian perspective, we aim to nurture the skills, attitudes and values by example, through participation and instruction and display the following:

  • Resilient
    Self-control, Forgiveness. Tolerance, Perseverance 
  • Responsible
    Patience, Truthfulness, Acceptance, Obedience
  • Respectful
    Kindness, Loyalty, Sensitivity, Trust
  • Ready to learn
    Academic Excellence, Initiative, Creativity, Enthusiastic


Nurture for today. Learning for tomorrow. Character for eternity.


To provide quality education in a caring, supportive Christ-centred environment where students are encouraged individually to achieve their full potential to learn, grow, relate and serve.

Appreciate our Differences

Our students come from a diverse range of religious and cultural backgrounds. We teach respect for other cultures and faiths and embrace every individual in our school community.

At Hurstville Adventist School, your child will develop meaningful relationships and share many experiences that develop their character and world view.