Fee Schedule

 How much will it cost?

The Tuition Fee represents approximately one-third of the cost of educating each child. The remaining two thirds is met by a combination of Commonwealth and State recurrent grants and allocations from the Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Greater Sydney area. (Note: Fees are increased annually taking into account the CPI and the All Cost Wage Index.)

Tuition Fees for 2017

Pre-Kindy:          $55 per day
(discounts not available)

Consumables Fee:   $153 per term

Years K – 6:
1 child ~ $4 960 per year

Consumables Fee: $720 per child per year.

This includes the cost of all textbooks, stationery, sport - swimming, athletics and gymnastics, excursions, computers and photocopying, Mathletics, Literacy Planet/Phonics Hero for English, Music and Insurance.

Home & School Association - $100 per year

Bus -  $1000 per year, per child; $800 per year, if in Hurstville

Overseas Students:

1 child ~ Years K – 6  ~  $14 680 per year (discounts not available)

Consumables Fee:  $720

Administration Fee: $860 

Home & School Association:  $100

Bus:  as above 





Prompt payment of term fees      2.5%

Family discounts will be applied to any family where two or more children are attending:
~          Two children      15%
~          Three children    30%
~          Four children     40%
~          Fifth and subsequent children      Free

Private Tuition:    Piano, Guitar

Special Cases
A small number of places are available for students whose parents cannot meet the total cost of fees. The terms of admission of children in these circumstances are entirely at the discretion of the School Management Committee.