ESL Program

About the ESL Program

Hurstville Adventist School provides an integration and literacy program for international students. We endeavour to bring each child’s standards of literacy up to the levels within the NSW literacy benchmark range, appropriate to the expectations of their grade level.

Course Details
• We use a variety of teaching methods including games and activities.
• Our course covers speaking, listening, reading and writing. This includes grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary development.

• Students are able to attend and be integrated in a regular school environment.
• Students are able to practise conversational English through interaction in the regular school program
• Students are able to participate in the regular school program that includes sports, excursions, assemblies and special events such as Open Days and carnivals.

Enrolment Procedure
Students with a basic knowledge of the English language are preferred, but all applications will be considered.

Fully Integrated Overseas Students
If students already have English language competence, an entrance assessment is required. This allows the teacher to assess their literacy standard against their grade level standard.  They will then be enrolled directly into our regular school program.

Please call (02) 9580 5794 for more information regarding our ESL Program.